The main source of the ecosystem - they taste good, they look good. Don't let the rabbits steal em' or debase.

The infamous Rabbit Gang is causing chaos worldwide by stealing valuable $KARROT. This is having severe consequences, as the $KARROT supply is decreasing every 12s, which adds up to 9%+- decrease per day.

To safeguard your $KARROT, you can deposit them into secure vaults, of which there are three types: Full, Big, and Smol Protek Vaults. The Full Protek Vault offers complete protection, Rabbits included, for your precious $KARROT and is not affected by debase. It has a deposit locking period of 4 days and partial withdrawals, with no relocks required.

The other two vaults, Big and Smol Protek, only provide partial protection in the form of rewards. The rewards are 13 million $KARROT per block, with the Big Protek Vault earning you 9/10 of the rewards by staking $KARROT/ETH LP. The Smol Protek Vault earns you only 1/10 of the rewards, and both vaults have a locking period of 24 hours.

The % APR formula will be calculated by:

K=((rBāˆ—bD)āˆ—p)āˆ—pTK = ((rB*bD)*p)*pT


Reward per block = rB, Blocks per day = bD, p = 0.9 for Big 0.1 for Smol, price of token = pT,

TVLv = TVL of the vault (Big or Smol)

When you deposit your $KARROT into either vault, they will be locked for 24 hours. Claiming rewards or compounding will reset the timer and lock them for another 24 hours.

Dynamic tax: The protocol will have 1/2 taxes, 1% buy tax, and a 2% sell tax - depending on how full the "Stolen $KARROT pool" taxes will be used fully or partially for refilling it.

We added an automated process where a variable % of the $Karrot accumulated from the taxes will be burned and the same amount of the burn will be added to the "Stolen pool". This feature will be live once the protocol has less volatility, first days will be done manually and the % set will be 1.

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